Monday, May 18, 2015

The Mann Center - What Summer Sounds Like

In 2011 AEG Live entertainment approached Alan Fine, a freelance artist from Baltimore, to help create a souvenir for fans attending shows at the Mann Center, Philadelphia.

The idea was to create individual baseball cards that utilized designs similar to those used by baseball card producers.  With about 20 concerts each summer, there were about 80 cards by the end of the 2014 season. The front of the cards have the date of the performance, while the backs mimic early baseball cards with information about the performer..

The Mann Center for the Performing Arts opened in 1935 and seats about 14,000. So I am sure there are plenty of cards out there, just haven't seen that many of them...

 (Topps 1968 design)

Phish 2014.07.08-09 (Donruss 1987 design)

reverse of the July 9 card
the reverse reads "You are holding an official installment of an art project by illustrator Alan Fine for the Mann Center & AEG Live commemorating select events each season at the Mann. For a full listing of concerts at the Mann visit Thank you for your support"

I found the two Phish cards on ebay, where there are several cards available for under $10.00 each. Other images found on the internet include....
Bob Dylan 8.17.2011 (similar to the Topps 2003 design)

Ray LaMontagne 9.30.2011 (Topps 1976 design)
Alan Fine listed this card as his favorite to create

The Monkees 7.20.2013 (Topps 1962 design)

Norah Jones 06.28.2012 (Topps 1989 design)


  1. These cards can be a pain in the but to find at times. Through my research I have been able to confirm at least 103 different designs between 2011 and 2016. According to a 2014 article they make about 20 cards a year. According to Alex's Blog they produce about 6,000 of each card and a total of 18 Cards in 2011. So we know there is somewhere between 103 and 120 Cards. Considering they only make 6,000 of each card, they also give them out before the show in the front of the Center, how many cards actually survive a night of drunkeness, get lost, thrown away and in some cases bad weather, ie Rain. I'm sure some of the designs are Unicorns. 2012 cards seem to be the hardest to find any info on.

  2. Thanks for the input.. I have not made it to the Center, hoping to experience a show there and pick up a card myself. The cards I own are through e-bay purchase

  3. Here I made a website attempting to gather information about the cards. I have many more listed since my first post. We now know there is 117 cards minimum. Anyways, I have pictures of the cards, almost every card is listed, the value of the card, what style of baseball card was used for the front and back. I hope they continue with them this year.

    1. Excellent site. I have added your site to my links.